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New to Bouldering ?

Bouldering is a form of climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses.


At Raccoon, our bouldering mats comply with the European standard and help prevent you from injuries. 

The Induction Course that we run regularly by our dedicated coach is a great way to start your climbing journey!


Keep Away from
Climbing Climbers

  • Don’t be anywhere near where a climber could fall.

  • As standard practice, look up often when moving around.

  • Check the distance between yourself and other climbers when tempting routes, make sure there’s no way you could crash into each other if one or both of you fell.

Make Sure You Know How to 
Land Properly when You Fall

  1. When you feel that you’re about to fall, look downwards at the spot where you’ll land so that you are prepared when you touch the ground.

  2. Be aware of your legs and get ready to land on your feet. Make sure your legs are NOT fully extended at the knee. 

  3. As you land, bend your knees to reduce impact.

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